Acme Route 66 Classic Hot Rod 5 x 50

Punch revisits Route 66 with a Classic Hot Rod hanging from his lip.Acme Route 66 Hot Rod cigar

I acquired a three‐pack sampler of Acme’s current offerings about a month ago. It included this Acme Route 66, a Premiere Ecuador and a San Andres. Since Draw doesn’t have any of these you will have to settle for just my opinion on this one.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Cuban seed Habano
Binder: Jalapa Criollo
Filler: Nicaraguan, San Andres and Dominican

Punching gives a nice and loose draw. Lighting it up gives a starting profile of smooth, mild‐plus intensity, mild bodied tobacco with slight cedar undertones.

Over the first inch the body and intensity have both increased half a notch, with a woodiness and a nice complexity of some sort starting to build a squash‐like – vegetal – flavor.

By the second third the flavors have bloomed to medium‐full intensity and full bodied; Brussels sprouts are showing up big time, with some cardboard on the finish. Highly complex.

Getting into the last third it has simmered down to a tamer medium intensity and a medium body – smooth and balanced, but still a subset of the previous, almost over‐the‐top, character,  and with very little Brussels sprouts anymore. Near the end, vanilla menthol dominates.


This Acme Route 66 started of mild and smooth and progressed through a high‐intensity and complex middle to finish up milder, smooth and balanced. This is my favorite of the three Acme cigars I tried (Premiere Ecuador and San Andres). At $6 each I find this to be a great value. If these are available in your area and you enjoy a fuller‐bodied stick, do yourself a favor and give this Acme Route 66 a try.

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