Macanudo Estate Reserve robusto

The Nubbit brothers explore a luxury stick, in the Macanudo Estate Reserve cigar, and walk away amazed.Macanudo Estate Reserve Maduro cigar

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Foundry Bolivar 550 robusto

Punch and Draw liberate a Foundry Bolivar and fan the fires of tobacco freedom from all across Central America, and live to tell the tale.Foundry Bolivar 550 robusto cigar

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Dunhill Signed Range Selecction Suprema toro

Punch and Draw give full review to a premium stick, the Dunhill Signed Range Selecction Suprema, from General Cigar for its October 2015 release.Dunhill Signed Range Selecction Suprema cigar

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Foundry Ramon Allones 550 robusto

Finally, the Nubbit Brothers give full review of a cigar new to the market, and it is a classic – the Foundry Ramon Allones!

Foundry Ramon Allones 550 robusto cigar

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Toraño The Brick robusto

Punch and Draw grab their trowels and lay up some bricks: Toraño The Brick. Is it the foundation for something grand, or just another brick from a wall?Torano The Brick robusto cigar

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Punch Sucker Punch Lights Out robusto

I have been curious about the Sucker Punch but the name had me scared. But recently a friend gave me one to try, with reassurances that it would not knock me on my domesticated beast of burden. So here goes … Punch Sucker Punch Lights Out cigar

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Six Zero by Boutique Blends

Last night I tried a Six Zero, made by Boutique Blends for Best Cigar Prices. This one was 5.5 x 60 (of course) and is made from extra‐aged Dominican grown Habano filler tobaccos and a four year old San Andres Maduro wrapper.Six Zero cigar

Starting off it was acrid and peppery, but quickly settled down to strong leather, melon, and a green pepper after taste. It was not an intricate complexity, just a mix of those flavors. Medium‐full intensity right away.

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Valentia Cigars Interview

We talked with Addy Sandler, CEO of Valentia Cigars at the 2014 IPCPR trade show. Here is what he said about the company.


Valentia Variety Sampler

This week Punch and Draw worked their way through the three‐cigar Valentia Variety Sampler box.

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Punch Signature robusto

Punch and Draw put their John Hancock to the Punch Signature, a new and classic release from Punch brands and General Cigar.Punch Signature robusto cigar

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