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Gar Talk is a site for the cigar-addled ramblings of Punch and Draw – the Nubbit (“nub-IT”) brothers. Their reviews are unbiased, never unkind, but always fair.

Punch: I’m Punch, and that’s my brother, Draw.

Draw: No! That’s MY brother, PUNCH!

Punch: The primary motivation of our posts, here, is to review cigars…

Draw: …while throwing in some, occasionally related, chatter along the way.

Punch: Draw resides in Eastern Kansas, while I am in Central Arizona. We usually have our review sessions while on Skype, and here on this web site we shall share the results of those sessions.

Draw: Mainly to remind ourselves of our impressions of a given stogie, and in part to benefit others who may stumble upon our mutterings about such.

Punch: At any rate, we hope to impart to these reports the fun and enthusiasm which we experience in making them.

Draw: And please, feel free to inject your thoughts on whatever our bantering may bring to mind by posting in the comments section.

The Nubbit Brothers

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