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Acme Route 66 Classic Hot Rod 5 x 50

Punch revisits Route 66 with a Classic Hot Rod hanging from his lip.Acme Route 66 Hot Rod cigar

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Valentia Variety Sampler

This week Punch and Draw worked their way through the three-cigar Valentia Variety Sampler box.

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Punch Signature robusto

Punch and Draw put their John Hancock to the Punch Signature, a new and classic release from Punch brands and General Cigar.Punch Signature robusto cigar

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Rodrigo Cigars Habano Clasico robusto

While Draw is hibernating through a Arctic vortex in Kansas, Punch takes advantage of the beautiful Phoenix weather and starts working his way through a Rodrigo Cigars sample pack; starting with a Habano Clasico.Rodrigo Cigars Habano Clasico Robusto cigar

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H. Upmann The Banker

Today the Nubbit brothers invest some time with the latest from H.Upmann – The Banker.

The Banker Arbitrage cigar

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Punch Rare Corojo 2014 Rothschild robusto

Today, the Nubbit Brothers revisit one of their first review cigars, which you’ve never seen. The review, that is. Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild cigar

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Room 101 Daruma Papi Chulo

Today Punch and Draw check out the little brother to the Room 101 Daruma Monstro – the diminutive 4 x 42 Daruma Papi ChuloRoom 101 Daruma Papi Chulo cigar

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Room 101 Daruma Monstro

Today Punch and Draw find success and good fortune in all their endeavors while smoking the Daruma Monstro cigar from Room 101.Room 101 Daruma Monstro cigar

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Ortega Mini maduro

Today Punch and Draw “get small” with a hand-rolled maduro mini cigar from Ortega, and a vice on their heads. Excuuuse me?!

Ortega Mini Cigar - Maduro

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JM’s Dominican Sumatra belicoso

Punch and Draw review a JM’s Dominican Sumatra belicoso which they received at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival.JM's Dominican Sumatra belicoso cigar

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