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HVC Cerro toro

For this review we try one of our favorite cigars for the first time — obviously!
HVC Cerro

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Bodega Reunion Digestivo double robusto

The Nubbit brothers ruminate over the Bodega Reunion Digestivo, a cigar blended to finish a meal.

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Bodega Reunion Aperitivo double robusto

FedHeads Punch and Draw take on the March Craziness* champion cigar, the Bodega Reunion Aperitivo.

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262 Revere Box Pressed Toro (6 x 54)

Punch takes a look at a boutique cigar which has been around for over a year.262 Revere Toro cigar

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Villiger Talanga double robusto

Today the Nubbit brothers wax patriotic while enjoying a Villiger Talanga Double Robusto on the front porch of Americana.Villiger Talanga double robusto cigar

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