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Q: Are Punch and Draw your real names?

A: No. Our real names are Chew and Spit, but we thought that would be confusing for a cigar column.


Q: What are your requirements for cigars you review?

A: We prefer to review products which don’t already have a lot of coverage. Sometimes we will review well known or established products in order to give our readers/viewers a baseline of where our tastes may be in comparison to theirs on these same, familiar, reference cigars.

For our requirements for feature reviews, please email PunchAndDraw(at)gar-talk(dot)info or Direct Message us on Twitter (@PunchAndDraw).


Q: Can you rub your belly and pat your head at the same time?

A: Yes — with the assistance of two other people.


Do you have a question that isn’t answered here? Put it in the comments below, or email us. We can’t answer if you don’t ask. Well… that really isn’t true, but wouldn’t you rather know the question we are answering? I thought so. Go ahead… ask something…

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