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Villiger Tobajara maduro robusto

Punch & Draw share their first impressions of the Villiger Tobajara. A Brazilian puro itself is a rarity. Let’s see if it is a worthwhile endeavor for them.Viliger Tabajaro robusto cigar

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The Brazillian – Villiger Export Brasil

Punch and Draw evaluate another of the machine made Export line — the Brasil, while Punch get’s educated about Puddles.Villiger Export Brasil cigar

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Villiger 125th Anniversary Lucerne

Today Punch and Draw check out the new Villiger 125th Anniversary cigar and chatter about music and Combat Arms.Villiger 125th Anniversary cigar

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Villiger NicaRoma Connecticut toro

Previously Punch and Draw weighed in in two of the three variations of Villiger’s fledgling NicaRoma line. Today they chatter about the third one – the Connecticut.Villiger NicaRoma Connecticut toro

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Villiger NicaRoma Habano and Maduro toro

Today Punch and Draw sample two varieties of one of Villiger’s latest offerings – the NicaRoma.Villiger NicaRoma Maduro and Habano cigar w background

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Villiger Talanga double robusto

Today the Nubbit brothers wax patriotic while enjoying a Villiger Talanga Double Robusto on the front porch of Americana.Villiger Talanga double robusto cigar

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Villiger Premium No.7

For this short session, the Nubbit brothers choose a short Villiger cigar, the usual brew, and talk smack on the Man of Steel.

Villiger Premium Number 7 seven sumatra Swiss Cuban Cigars

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Villiger Export Maduro

In this review, Punch and Draw share thoughts about the Villiger Export Maduro, cats, Adobe Cloud, and…beer.

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Villiger Export Natural

Easter Sunday has been a very full day for me so far, with a breakfast and cantata at church this morning, followed by an expansive meal with extended family, and extended sitting around and chewing the fat while soaking up the sun at a family farm. As we’ve returned home for the evening, there is still plenty of sun and warmth on Kansas to sit outside and take a quick break with a Villiger Export Natural.

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Villiger Colorado double robusto

This week, the Nubbit Brothers smoke a Villiger Colorado Double Robusto, drink Kirkland Handcrafted Ale, and discuss the novel Lucifer’s Hammer and computer game Bioshock Infinite

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