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J Fuego Origen corona (5.5 x 46) review

While Draw is otherwise occupied, Punch fires up a J Fuego Origen by himself and takes some notes for those who may be curious about this cigar.

J Fuego Origen corona cigar

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Sangre de Toro robusto by J. Fuego

Punch and Draw talk shop while enjoying a Sangre de Toro.

Punch: Well, Draw, looks like it’s time for another of our weekly reviews.

Draw: Yeah, but who says our reviews are weak?

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Interview with Jesus Fuego of J. Fuego Cigars

I had the pleasure of spending a few minutes with Jesus Fuego, last week, at a cigar event at Big Sticks at Mesa, Arizona. Jesus is the owner of J. Fuego, a relatively young cigar company, started in 2006, and recently renamed from Tabacos S.A. While the company is not very old, the Fuego family has been in the cigar business for five generations. I had forgotten this event was coming up, and was reminded of it just two hours before it started. So I threw together a few questions to ask of Jesus, and following is the resulting conversation.

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