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My UZI Weighs a Ton +11 — solo

Punch is out-of-town working his magic, so I thought I’d review a cigar I picked up on a whim at Churchhill’s at Topeka. It’s an UZI, and it weighs a ton: a joint venture from Drew Estate Tobacco’s Subculture Studio and Joya De Nicaragua.

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Oliva Serie O robusto

Earlier this year, Punch took advantage of warm Arizona weather to enjoy an Oliva Serie O panatela while I was cooped up inside due to freezing Kansas temps. Today being a fine spring day, I thought I would catch up by enjoying a robusto version of the same.

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Villiger Export Natural

Easter Sunday has been a very full day for me so far, with a breakfast and cantata at church this morning, followed by an expansive meal with extended family, and extended sitting around and chewing the fat while soaking up the sun at a family farm. As we’ve returned home for the evening, there is still plenty of sun and warmth on Kansas to sit outside and take a quick break with a Villiger Export Natural.

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