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Interview with Nick Perdomo

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Perdomo, the owner of Perdomo Cigars, for a few minutes to hear about their recent price increase and his three forthcoming brands. The Perdomo Small Batch is just now showing up in stores. The release of the Special Craft Series and Factory Tour Blend is imminent.

In summary, the price hike is only the fifth in the 25 year history of the Company, and is approximately 3% overall. The Perdomo Small Batch cigar is made with the smaller tobaccos from the Double Aged Vintage line, thus the sizes are smaller than typical. There will only be 3,000 boxes per shape and wrapper. These will only be carried by 530 retailers. The Perdomo Special Craft Series is a beer paring cigar project headed up by Arthur Kemper, the company’s vice president. The Factory Tour Blend is a stout cigar that comes in a wine case which holds 960 cigars.

Punch Rare Corojo Returns with Two New Sizes

General Cigar announces that Punch Rare Corojo will make its annual return to retail beginning on February 16, 2015. The seasonal collection will welcome a new frontmark and a limited edition size available exclusively this year.

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2014 IPCPR Saturday

Punch and Draw report on the goings-on at the first day of IPCPR 82 in Las Vegas.

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