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How To Improve the Seal on a Glass Top Humidor

Thus far in my rather young, one year-ish journey into the word of cigars I’ve been managing my cigar inventory with assorted zip-lock bags and tupperware, and all without the benefit of a hygrometer. Well, last month that all changed with the gifting of a Il Duomo Display Dome Humidor from my brother, Draw. It has a 150 stick capacity and a curved glass display dome.

glass top humidor w background

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Interview with Jesus Fuego of J. Fuego Cigars

I had the pleasure of spending a few minutes with Jesus Fuego, last week, at a cigar event at Big Sticks at Mesa, Arizona. Jesus is the owner of J. Fuego, a relatively young cigar company, started in 2006, and recently renamed from Tabacos S.A. While the company is not very old, the Fuego family has been in the cigar business for five generations. I had forgotten this event was coming up, and was reminded of it just two hours before it started. So I threw together a few questions to ask of Jesus, and following is the resulting conversation.

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