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Leccia Luchador El Gringo

Today Punch and Draw tag-team a Luchador El Gringo from Sam Luccia. Will they stay in the ring, or do they end up with their tonsils pinned?Leccia El Gringo Frog Splat cigar

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Leccia Luchador El Castigo 6 x 60

Punch bears up under a few rounds of punishment from the Leccia Luchador El Castigo.Leccia Luchador El Castigo cigar

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Acme Premier Ecuador robusto 5 x 50

Punch finds out if “An Old Tradition for Modern Tastes” is a worthwhile trip down memory lane.Acme Premier Ecuador robusto

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Macanudo Estate Reserve robusto

The Nubbit brothers explore a luxury stick, in the Macanudo Estate Reserve cigar, and walk away amazed.Macanudo Estate Reserve Maduro cigar

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Foundry Bolivar 550 robusto

Punch and Draw liberate a Foundry Bolivar and fan the fires of tobacco freedom from all across Central America, and live to tell the tale.Foundry Bolivar 550 robusto cigar

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Dunhill Signed Range Selecction Suprema toro

Punch and Draw give full review to a premium stick, the Dunhill Signed Range Selecction Suprema, from General Cigar for its October 2015 release.Dunhill Signed Range Selecction Suprema cigar

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Foundry Ramon Allones 550 robusto

Finally, the Nubbit Brothers give full review of a cigar new to the market, and it is a classic – the Foundry Ramon Allones!

Foundry Ramon Allones 550 robusto cigar

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Toraño The Brick robusto

Punch and Draw grab their trowels and lay up some bricks: Toraño The Brick. Is it the foundation for something grand, or just another brick from a wall?Torano The Brick robusto cigar

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Punch Sucker Punch Lights Out robusto

I have been curious about the Sucker Punch but the name had me scared. But recently a friend gave me one to try, with reassurances that it would not knock me on my domesticated beast of burden. So here goes … Punch Sucker Punch Lights Out cigar

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Six Zero by Boutique Blends

Last night I tried a Six Zero, made by Boutique Blends for Best Cigar Prices. This one was 5.5 x 60 (of course) and is made from extra-aged Dominican grown Habano filler tobaccos and a four year old San Andres Maduro wrapper.Six Zero cigar

Starting off it was acrid and peppery, but quickly settled down to strong leather, melon, and a green pepper after taste. It was not an intricate complexity, just a mix of those flavors. Medium-full intensity right away.

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