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Crowned Heads Jericho Hill LBV

Punch and Draw made the opportunity to meet up at beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, where the cooler temperatures provided a pleasant respite from the heat of their respective homes. Of course such an outing must include stogies, and they landed at Edward’s Pipe and Cigar Shop where the proprietor recommended these Crowned Heads Jericho Hill LBVs. Crowned Heads Jericho Hill cigar

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Room 101 LTD Namakubi Edition Tiburon (6 x 44)

Today Punch and Draw talk about cake baking and DIY. Oh, and they review an LTD Namakubi that was gifted to them at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival by a lady who had “too much damn stuff” in her purse.

Room 101 Namakubi Tiburon cigar

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