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262 Revere Box Pressed Toro (6 x 54)

Punch takes a look at a boutique cigar which has been around for over a year.262 Revere Toro cigarWrapper: Nicaragua: Jalapa Valley
Double Binder: Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa
Fillers: Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa, Condega

Pre-light: I’ve had this Nicaraguan puro sitting around for two months. The wrapper aroma is distinctly sweet, dark chocolate. I get bran from the foot. Large punch — The draw is medium-tight, fruit and licorice with oatmeal.

Start: A slight brightness on the attack, breadyness dominates with a mild green pepper finish. The predominant flavor quickly moved toward an old leather and tobacco, and the pepper finish moved toward smokey citrus. Here it has a mild-medium body without a lot of breadth.

Second Third: Not much change except for the addition of a mild cedar.

Final Third: The body is up to medium-full. Otherwise the flavor profile is still similar but with some cedar joining the finish.

Summary: Burn it. The construction/burn on this 262 Revere has been great. I would describe the overall flavor profile as a consistent, medium bodied old leather and tobacco with burned citrus and some cedar. I did not find this to be highly complex, but pleasant throughout. Worth trying and a good value in the $8 range.

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