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J Fuego Origen corona (5.5 x 46) review

While Draw is otherwise occupied, Punch fires up a J Fuego Origen by himself and takes some notes for those who may be curious about this cigar.

J Fuego Origen corona cigar

The wrapper of this Origen has a nice alfalfa aroma. I punched it and the draw was very tight, so I cut it. Cutting was difficult as the head is very dense, and the draw is still rather tight but loose enough.

The initial puffs were woodsy and leathery but subsequently it began to yield a sweetness all the way through from attack to the finish, with some spice lingering, as well. Then, quickly — still within the first half inch — the sweetness became fickle — trading off back-and-forth with oily leather. Very likable, thus far.

Starting the second third it is displaying a solid, medium body, with nice complexity and a medium strength. A very faint cedar and oak have shown up, and the spicy finish has waned.

In the last third there is some spice on the attack, some cedar in the middle and in the finish.

As the burn reaches the band the flavors have melded into a very rich body with cedar on the attack and finish and the middle containing some pine along with a woody-leathery amalgam.

Burn it or Spurn it?

This J. Fuego Origen is a definite burner. It had an impeccable burn line, the flavors were pleasantly complex and very well balanced. I liked the sweetness which played in and out throughout. Only at the end did it become a bit intense and odd — but even then it wasn’t “bad”.  I would say this is definitely a good value for a $5–6 stick.

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