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Maya Selva Cumpay Volcan 5 x 60

Maya Selva Cumpay Volcan cigarThis Maya Selva Cumpay is a Nicaraguan puro with a Habano wrapper which I picked up a few months back. It is the first of the Cumpay line I have tried and here are my abbreviated notes on it.

Prelight: The construction is generally good, with the exception of the cap. It is a double and looks like the first one was was stuck on with water only. It is unattached ¾ the way around and I could almost lift both off if I wanted to peal away that last quarter.

My big punch give me a nice medium draw with interesting cold flavors like meaty clove.

Start: It has a medium-full flavor strength with moderate breadth of flavor; including a minute bit of sweetness on the attack with fruity peach leather and a soft pepper finish. A nice balance to start.

Almost an inch in the flavors have bloomed and now include a sweeter fruit cocktail with a hint of citrus brightness which pops the flavors.

At half-way the flavors are blending and fruit cocktail has waned leaving a less distinct, yet still complex and interesting profile with just enough pepper on the finish to provide nice punctuation.

Summary: I found this 5 x 60 Maya Selva Cumpay to be medium-full bodied with moderate complexity and a few noticeable flavor shifts throughout. The profile was generally fruity leather and mild black pepper. The construction was good, with the exception of the loose cap (which was not a problem in smoking it). Now for the bad news; the burn of this wrapper became a source of disappointment, requiring several touch ups and one complete relight due to tunneling. This could just be an anomaly, and if I have a different experience on a subsequent sample I’ll be sure to append it to this report. Even with that I still recommend that you try one of these. I found it rather distinctive and it held my interest throughout. I look forward to trying other, smaller, gauges for comparison. The MSRP on this is $12.50.

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