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Padilla Reserva Maduro review

The winter weather in Kansas has put a damper on Draw’s chimney, so while he is waiting for the snow to melt, I’m enjoying the 80’s here (the temperature, not the decade) and trying out a Padilla Reserva Maduro toro.Padilla Reserva Maduro toro cigarThis measures approximately 5.75″ x 50 and I find it interesting that it is not a size listed on the Padilla web site. I did find a 5.7 x 50 toro listed at Cigars International, though — at $39.50 for a 5‑pack.

Wrapper: Maduro San Andres
Binder: Habano Ecuador
Fillers: Cuban-seed Nicaragua Corojo & Criollo

This review is based on a single stick which was I got as a result of buying a 5‑pack variety of Oliva products which was put together specially for members of the Phoenix Cigar Club at an Oliva event hosted by Big Sticks Fine Cigars in Mesa, Arizona last week. (Whew! Read that slowly and it will eventually make sense.) Those of us who bought the pack were treated to a bonus stick tossed into the mix by the event sponsor and local Oliva/Studio Tobac rep, Nick Zaglifa, and I asked for this one, since I had not yet had a Padilla since they have partnered with Oliva.

The wrapper has a nice mat finish with a slight oily sheen. The wrapper edges are obvious but none appear to be lifting. The aroma of the wrapper is alfalfa, while the foot smells of dried hay.

I punched it with my large Montecristo Social Club punch and the draw is medium-tight — a bit tighter than my liking. I followed up with a generous guillotine cut, to no avail, and I can see and feel that the the head is packed tightly. I’m going to give it a go, but were I not reviewing this stick I would poke it to open the draw more to my liking.

At the beginning it has a predominant green pepper on the draw, with pepperyness in the back of the throat on the finish. After a half inch it warmed up and leather joined in at the front and there is a sweetness showing up on the finish.

Mike at Stogie Reviews says of the beginning: “…nice chocolate taste with a sort of heavy syrup sweetness poking its head up out of the ground.”

Into the second third of this Reserva Maduro the flavor moves into a smoky wood and leather with a green pepper finish. The sweetness has diminished.

Ot the second third, Seth of Seth’s Humidor says: “There are tons of rich earth, cocoa and oak flavors present, and they are being accompanied by those coffee, pepper and spice notes.”

In the last third the flavors have blended. Still woody and leathery, but smooth and occasionally buttery with a very slight cedar. The green pepper finish has disappeared and now the finish is short and mild. It has nicely mellowed instead of intensifying — not typical of most cigars by this time.

At the last inch cedar dominates, joined with a slight vanilla, and the finish consists of a mild green pepper.

And the last third is described by Will at Cigar-Coop by saying: “…the red pepper notes became more prominent and emerged as a primary flavor.  The earth notes receded into the background.”

Burn it or Spurn it?

Nothing to spurn here — go ahead and burn it with confidence. This Padilla Reserva Maduro toro is smooth and well balanced. It has a medium body with a medium complexity — having enough variation to keep it interesting. The mouth smoke is dense and satisfying, in spite of the slightly tight draw. The construction is good and thus the burn was perfect requiring no touch-ups. In my opinion this is a good value for an $8 stick.

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